Much smoother technically than the clunky Masteria Through Time

Overall this is a nice little story (and, I daresay, much smoother technically than the clunky Masteria Through Time), but I do have some suggestions for improvement. Mostly I am concerned with the usefulness of the area once one has completed the questline.

1. Allow teleporting into and around the area, once the appropriate map has been unlocked. If it could be done for Commerci, it should be doable for the Far East as well.
Or, at least, make the portal at Six-Path Crossway ask which Far East town one wishes to go to (Mount Song Hamlet, Mahavira Hall, or Yu Garden Town).

2. Give enough time to loot the boss drops. Right now you are kicked out of the boss room, mere seconds after it dies. That is hardly enough time to loot everything, even with a pet, since some items can fall up onto different platforms.

3. Don’t unsummon Familiars in the boss exit room. The boss can be fought twice daily, but if one wants to do both fights with the same familiar, this makes for an unnecessary wait between runs.

4. Make the Orb collecting quests repeatable in some way.

Should have someone check up on CMS’ website and see if any changes were made to Shanghai since it was revamped late last year. Maybe they already implemented these fixes, so it would just be some more code porting for Nexon to adjust.

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