Maplestory2 Minor Details for Skills and Jett Core Aura Information

NX Items
• Supernova Dust – Change the Core Aura’s stats
• Condensed Supernova Dust – Change the Core Aura’s stats with a bigger chance of better stats
• Stellar Cosmic Solidifier – Freeze the Core Aura’s stats for 30 days. Can stack up to 365 days and will stop if Core Aura is stat changed via items.
• Cosmic Dust Shifter – Rotate the number stats of the Aura clockwise. Changing STR to DEX etc.
Mob Drop
• Star Dust – Change Core Aura stats, drops from mobs.

• Mikhail’s skill Guardian of Light will show your Mikhail character above you when the skill is active.
• Kaiser’s skill “Iron Will” can be mistaken with warrior’s buff skill.
• Many names like Luminous’ Light Wash and Mihile’s Knight Watch are named differently in KMS. [Permeate/Guardian of Light]

Skills That Aren’t Links That People Consider Are

• Blessing of the Fairy
• Empress’ Blessing
Both of these have a simple function.
Blessing of the Fairy is for Explorers, Resistance, Novans, Heroes and the rest that are not Cygnus.
Empress’ Blessing is well, as you guessed for Cygnus Knights! They are passive boosts which add ATK, MATK, Avoid and Accuracy according to level.
Cygnus Knight’s increase their Blessing every 5 levels up to level 24 and then you have to increase the last 6 levels with a fake Arkarium run only with other Cygnus Knights.
Blessing of the Fairy maxes out at 20, increasing the level every 10 levels.

Limited Link Skills

In KMS, they just added an update where you can only have up to 12 Link Skills.
Currently, in total there are only 11 Links in GMS.
18 Links are in KMS (This includes Xenon, DA and all 5 Cygnus Revamped)
I suggest everyone to get Kanna (and Demon Avenger), Luminous and Xenon those are the only four that everyone really should get.
Demon Slayer is only if you boss a lot along with Cygnus Knights because of seduce and all those bad debuffs.

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