[MapleStory] ways to make Mesos without spending money

I know in the thumbnail it says “FAST” ways to make meso but in all reality there is no fast way to make meso without spending irl money so it’s more of a subjective thing. Technically 50b in 2 weeks is incredibly fast even if you spend irl money. Anyways hope you guys like it!

That’s why I always tell people to quit MapleSEA. On MapleSEA, it’s far better to go out and work, earn some money to buy NX than actually play and farm in the game. There’s really no way to earn money in MapleSEA without spending a lot of time doing events. In GMS they have the advantage of free end game equipment like Gollux and Commerci, Crusader Codex and they also have the familiar system which is amazing. You don’t get none of that in MapleSEA.

Told my friend to quit MapleSEA to play in a private server with me, he insisted on playing MapleSEA because it’s the “real” server. Not only the market is dying, the community is dying too. Investing in MapleSEA is simply not worth it.

Would you make a Maple Union Guide once it comes out since they’re technically removing character card sets? Also how much pdr-boss-damage-range do you need for Normal Magnus and Cygnus? Also would a 10% + Critical Rate good for the inner abilities? Sorry for asking a lot of questions, just hit level 182 in windia for the first time.

i was just watching your vids about night walker vs what ever other classes and the nightwalker always loses either way i’m new to this game and i madea nightwalker and reached up to lvl 85 do you recommend that i continue with him or is he just to weak and i make another char anothe class etc?

Lets just be honest here I played maple for about 4-5 years and achieved 2-2m as a Kaiser. Maple is a pay to win game, you can work your ass off in the game, spending hours and hours to grind, someone just need to work for 1week and they can easily surpass you. So why bother with grinding your ass out and damage your eyes, if you can just go get a job. I hate seeing videos like this because it’s not true. You can’t get higher range by grinding without spending money. Even if you get to 1m to 1.5m you can’t even do the actually bosses that give you profits. At the 1m-1.5m range you actually need to invest in cubing to actually get to 2m. That’s not possible by grinding out the game.

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