[MapleStory] Shadow Partner Buffed

Xenon got a major boost from Xenon’s Aegis System being automatic. Also if an opponent hits you not only does the regular missile attacks mobs but the Pin Point Salvo does too. Also Pin Point Salvo does not take away from the counter meaning more consistent damage.

I know that there is no really “best” class in maple, but I’ve been a huge fan of thieves for years. As a mapler coming back, are there any thief classes that just aren’t worth making right now? I’m mainly conflicted between nl, db, and shad.

that’s a risky endeavor because there’s always the risk of chargebacks and scams that and you can’t get any support from nexon because it’s TECHNICALLY against the Terms of Service. My suggestion is if you’re buying, try to make sure the seller is reputable.

If you’re new to the game you almost have to always go first because you have no reputation to build on XD. Although I think you should wait before buying endgame gear via PayPal until you make more of a reputation in your server. Just buy items with meso for the time being.

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