Maplestory Reboot Dawn Warrior Level 19x Training Post 5th

Damage wise all are great, bossing is also nice with all of them, you cant go wrong with any of them, so either focus on ease of funding or fun (which is subjective), EndNote: currently you cant go wrong with any warrior (yes even Paladin) as all of them fill in great roles.

you can slowly make your way into future henesys, or just keep doing bosses and monster park, but i highly recommend you get some more money to star your equips to 90 so you can go into Temple of time to train at the Oblivion monks in detour to oblivion 1.

i would say try to train at detour to oblivion 4 if you have enough star force, if not go to road to oblivion 4 and if you cant kill them there you can look for a party to train with or find another random temple of time map that suits you.

Almost 1mil fully buffed. But even if it takes 4 hits to kill them its still good so dont worry if you dont level as fast as me. I got like 25% in 5mins so if anything you will get 25% in 10mins which is still REALLY good for 190+.

I watched your vids for progression. Are there more tips on how to past the dailies and farming to being able to solo hardlux and others? I feel that I’m at the point where I’m waiting for the day I get the sweetwater accessories and gollux rings. Don’t know what I can do after that.

I love your videos, especially since you’re always energetic and seem to genuinely care about what you do, and put your best effort into it. Thank you very much for what you have done for your fans and those who support you.

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