MapleStory Elite Monster and Boss Farming Guide

Welcome to DrextalBera’s first guide, if you wanna know how to make money (from elite monsters/bosses) or want to learn as much as possible about elite monsters/bosses so you can impress your friends then continue reading.

Elite monsters are giant versions of the monster in that map. They have types that determine what sort of skills/attacks they do/use. Those hardly matter and I have spent like 0.00 seconds to compile a list of these traits.

ANYWAYS. Elite bosses are a shadowy monster that is one of the 5 jobs that has an insane amount of hp (compared to the mobs in the map).

Elite monsters spawn after you murder a significant amount of the monsters in that map (get that kishin (kanna 3rd job skill (boosts spawn rate))) (The attacker must be within +/- 20 levels of the map’s mob in order to spawn the elite monster)

Elite bosses spawn after you murder around 15~20 (Still need to run tests) Elite Monsters.

After you kill an elite monster one of the following messages will appear:

“The dark energy is still here, it’s making the place quite grim” <– noooooowhere near close to elite boss

“You feel something in the dark energy” <— elite boss showing up after a few more kills

When an elite boss spawns there will be a giant red & yellow “WARNING” message that gives the map an outline following by the elite boss spawning along with 2 elite monsters. Once you kill the boss (whether or not you kill the elite monsters) you will trigger the bonus stage.

There are three bonus stages.

Mimics will fly around the map and drop items (touch to loot)
Mimics will be all over the map and you have to attack them w/ the normal attack to get loot to spew out everywhere. (Pick up to loot)
Items will rain down from just about everywhere without the presence of mimcs (basically just like the first one but with more stuff)
Loot is in the form of bubbles with items in them. Only pick up the purple box in the yellow bubble (it is the only one that is yellow so it stands out) Those have the best loot (listed below)

Empty your inventory before you kill the elite boss or you will get NOTHING (and getting nothing sucks especially since it takes about an hour to spawn an elite boss).

Elite Monsters have the following significant drops: Cubic blade, Chaos Cubic Blade, Master Craftsman Cube, Protection Scroll, Safety Scroll(untradeable), Golden Hammer 50%, Clean Slate 5%

Elite Boss Yellow/Purple Bubble/Box has the following significant drops: Unique Items, Epic Pot 50%, Chaos 60%, Chaos of Goodness 30%, Clean Slate 10%, Protection Scroll, Meister Cube, Master Craftsman Cube

The secret that no one knows (or bothers to listen to when I offer it as advice): Elite Monster drops are instanced. This means that if you have damage contribution (1 to max HP) you will receive drops. Your drops can not be seen by anyone else and you can not see anyone else’s drops. This means a single elite monster can provide an infinite amount of drops. An Elite Monster is able to drop multiples of the same item to separate people (as also seen in CRA drop instance) so the more people who participate the more drops you can get.

Elite Monster drop rates seem to be pretty sucky. But every time you kill one without maximizing the drops I feel as if something is wasted… Keep in mind the drop rate of whoever kills it (not the most damage) is applied so you may want to get a crazy rich dude with drop rate gear + a wolf underling + 2x drop card + wealth acquisition and what not.

So what does this mean? If you see an elite monster, attack it, they don’t have anything to lose while you have free drops to gain. When it comes to an elite boss’s bonus stage however, proper etiquette implies that you shouldn’t participate if you haven’t been making an active contribution.

How to optimize elite monster farming:

Mobber (Lumi/DS I guess) that can 1HKO the mobs continuously with little effort.

Elite Monster killer (Preferably someone who can kill within seconds with a large amount of drop rate boosters in order to maximize drops).

1~1,000 leechers (People who de equip EVERYTHING down to a very weak weapon so they can attack the elite monster without killing it so everyone can get their hit in (please do not use your most lag inducing skill))

The drop instancing of elite monsters is easy to see but very often brushed aside considering I’ve done multiple 70% drop + spider simulations where 5 elite monsters do not yield a single significant drop. It has been kind of a dream of mine to see the beginning of elite monster farming parties. Giant groups that run like machines in a map where the location is publicly known and it’s open to anyone to show up and stab an elite monster with a fruit knife for free drops.

EDIT: Everyone seems fixated on elite boss bonus stage and in my opinion that’s sad and due to the fact that no one acknowledges the worth of elite monsters.

An elite monster has decent drops (although nowhere near as good as the yellow/purple things from the bonus) but the bonus stage has a limited number of items regardless of which bonus stage it is. An elite monster can provide an infinite number of drops when optimized correctly + you are going to have to kill like 20 anyways. That’s 20 sets of drops you aren’t even giving any attention to. Here are the numbers from a 80 minute elite boss hunting session with 3 people

Elite Monster: 7 Cubic Blades, 2 Craftsman Cubes, Protection Scroll (250m+ total not counting the 2 cubes) ( EVERY single person that gets added to this group will add to this total loot tally. and I will lose NONE of what I already have)

Elite Boss Bonus Stage : Clean Slate x 3, Chaos Scroll 60% (Like 97 Mil in Bera) (This number is pretty much set in stone, if I added another 10 people to the elite hunting group this number wouldn’t change… in fact it could decrease for me if people I don’t know join up and just take the bonus stage drops)

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