MapleStory 2 Second Travels

As last week, deuryeotdeon to notice

Thinking of you for a variety of MapleStory 2

We introduce to you and to share with many people.

Alpha test late deseul’s first introduction posting haedeuril!

Many people have a misconception hasyeotdeon a bug and get a treasure chest proudly acquired
Deseul’s Travels jeulgisin corner of the map a wide range of content – click! Visit top]

The following post is refer you jjumjjum’s fearsome Balrog who was leaving visitors!

Hasyeotneunji succeeded in scoring Balrog’s really posting jjumjjum [click! Visit top]

Cheer for your patience haejusigo many who wish the burden a little, but you get a lot of power!
I’ll look forward to introduce submitted written for various community and blog posts hard.

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