MapleStory 2 Class Skills

Are these like 1st job skills?

Priest ~ Heal skill can you know if it’s a party skill?
~ It looks like only 2 attacking skills “Holy Explosion, Angel Ray”
~ Most passive skills in all class that’s must big a huge plus if it’s party skills too

Knight ~ So much blood coming out from those dummy’s !
~ Guessing Trumpet of March makes you walk faster
~ First Aid probably self heal skill Knight’s won’t need Priests to survive?

Wizard ~ wow at those elements “Fire, Thunder, Lighting, Ice”
~ If a boss has weak element’s to any of these 4 element’s this class gonna be so much fun to play
~ Also lvl 21 Wizard J~ PQ that’s all I’m saying lol
~ Only class with teleport ability
~ Least class with passive skills

Ranger ~ Strafe, Rapid shot, and SHARP EYES! best party skill
~ I can c myself training with Ice Arrow on stronger enemies

Assassin ~ Dodge seems like teleport to me
~ Circle of star wouldn’t that be a waste of stars?

Over all I think the skills look nice, with the blocky feel of the maps we can kinda calculate how far our attack’s can reach our enemies which is a big plus.

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