How to Use Links for the Unfunded or Just How to Use Them maplestory2 Wisely

(Level 1 skills atm, but level 2 is basically the same, just better dmg or survival)

• Cannoneer’s skill is great if you don’t have enough of your secondary stat for equips.

• Use Mercede’s active skill to get to Victoria Island whenever every 1800 Seconds. (Job Advances)?
• Demon Slayer’s Bossing can stack with your weapon and set effect. Good way to get 100% Bossing is 30% from Empress Set and 60% on your weapon.

• Jett and her Core Aura don’t need to be changed every day. 2 of your main stat and weapon att/magic att is an okay boost for unfunded. (Even if its not high)
• Critical Rate thanks to Phantom will go with your 5% as a beginner. You’ll have a high chance of hitting a critical every 10 hits. Good for higher damage.

• Mikhail’s Protection will allow you to stand on a platform to kill mobs without worrying about climbing the rope to get back to your mob.

• Luminous will help you ignore monster’s defense to make you hit more damage. 10% of the monster’s defense is subtracted from the defense.

• Kaiser’s health will go together with Cannoneer’s for a total of 15% which will let you survive more often on bosses or just in general.

• Angelic Buster’s extra 50% damage on a few attacks may not be much, but leads to a better damage output and good for Dojo.

• Demon Avenger’s DMG will give you more dmg…
• Xenon’s %stat will give you more of a range and stats just like that

• Striker will help you survive against seduce etc.
• Kanna gives extra damage which everyone would like
• Hayato gives stats and can give WATK and MATK which most people who need it will want.

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