Get to know your MapleStory2 Weapons, PVP, towns, more

We’ve been working hard over at MS2.TV. Have a peek:

– Archer Ranger and Heavy Gunner Weapons Details
– Magician Priest and Wizard Weapons Details
– Thief Thief and Assassin Weapons Details
– Warrior Berserker and Knight Weapons Details

Customization – Build your own home
– MapleStory promises tons of customization capabilities, such as building your own home (thanks RonaldCoppersan!)

– MapleStory2’s PVP looks bloody!

– Beautiful Ellinia, NPC’s Anos and Asimov, Blue Slimes and weird wooden thingies!
– Loads of nice pics of Henesys, NP’s Oskhal and Manovich and piggies and shrooms and bears!
– Check out Kerning City, NPC BlackEye and the hoodlums hanging out in the Golden Tower!
– Visit NPC’s Tina, Red Wolf and Rolling Thunder in Perion, Hawks and the rock boss!
– Tria Castle, Lith Harbor, El Nath and other areas

Camera Angles
– Check out the 4 cameras angles wiki written by our very own malapo/mmorpg

There’s a ton more at our community-edited MapleStory2 Wiki. Get in touch if you find any other bits of news / images to post! Feel free to signup and share your thoughts.

Thanks and enjoy!

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