BigWig Storm Growth Potion

To my surprise, the description of Thursdays hot week item is lacking information.

Thursday, November 12 – BigWigs Storm Growth Potion: Untradeable, expires after 3 days. Cannot be used on Lv. 250 characters.

In the past these potions gave enough EXP to level you up, except they only worked until 200. Now it’s saying it can be used by anyone under 250. I’m sure I’m not the only person curious as to whether or not this will actually give an entire level (600b exp in my case) after 200. Also in the future I’d really appreciate for item and event descriptions to be explained a little better, vague statements only leave players frustrated.

According to Southperry, this item first appeared in the data in v1.32, with the description “An elixir of power given only to BigWigs. Take a sip to gain a level. Maximum-level characters cannot benefit from this item.”

The level cap was raised in v1.36.

Nexon’s amazingly robust coding being what it is, any of the following is possible:
– The potion doesn’t work for characters 200+
– The potion doesn’t work for level 200 characters, but does work for 201+
– The potion works for all levels below 250

Hopefully, by Thursday we will get an official answer. And hopefully it won’t be “Oops, this potion does work up to level 250, but we didn’t actually mean to give out something that overpowered. The reward for Thursday has been changed. Thank you for alerting us to this issue.”

If we don’t get an answer (and even if we do), I recommend waiting to claim yours until you hear from someone in-game or on the forums that it worked or didn’t work for their 200+ character.

No, those have a completely different description, which includes something like “if there is exp left after leveling up, you can use it again”.
Growth potions usually level you up (so if you were at 99% you “miss out”), although in the past we have had some that gave you 50% of the exp-to-next-level, regardless of what that level was or what % you already had (so if you were at 99% you’d level up and be at about 45% after).
This one says quite clearly “take a sip to gain a level”, so I assume it’s the exactly-to-next-level type.

One more concern that has been raised, however: in the past, some Storm Growth potions were “usable once in a character’s lifetime” (with no words to that effect in their description or the relevant Update Notes). Which means that on the next event that handed them out, characters that used them before could not use them again… and of course could not transfer them to other characters on the account, either.

This event allows us to claim the potion twice on the same character. Are we quite certain we’ll be allowed to use it twice (or even once on characters that have used Storm Growth potions before)?

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