3 MMORPG brightest most ambitious in G-Star 2014

G-Star is the largest annual gaming event Korea and an opportunity for game makers, game companies to introduce and promote their new product range. G-Star 2014 will take place this weekend, from 20-23 / 11 in Busan, South Korea marked the presence of large game companies reputation and the debut of genre diversity, especially products MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game players).

Let GameSao 10 points over the game’s brightest faces at this year’s fair:

1. MapleStory2

As expected Nexon game that most certainly will become MapleStory2 phenomenal blockbuster debut game at the fair this year. With the loyal fans of MapleStory, “descendant” This will bring the exciting experience by completely different style of play, although not true 3D world loved and coordinated graphics in the game are Minecraft to be imitated. In addition, the game will portray the salient features of the content allows players to design your own world and decorations for your home.

After the Alpha Test ended in September just past, players were tested with 5 character classes including the knight, priest, wizard, assassin and ranger. However, it is not all that MapleStory2 convey to the players. And G-Star event in 2014, the game will give us voyeuristic ideas and breakthrough developments in the future.

2. Revelation

China is the only game on the list of G-Star exhibition game in Korea, Revelation notable not only by sophisticated graphics systems, but also has unique gameplay. Originally developed by Netease game, this 3D MMORPG based on a combination of East-West culture has attracted the attention of the gaming community since its release in October Sun Closed Beta 8 past and highlight the name “Bns Killer”.

About the context and content, immersive online games is taken by theme wuxia, so players can explore the world of magical, dreamy by combining many gameplay elements operating together action.

When compared to the game Blade and Soul, the developers did not hesitate to express satisfaction for his own productions that Revelation is not only perfect in terms of form, but also beautiful in terms of content, it is important important that the game makers are often neglected.

NetEase current plans to issue additional English version of the game in 2015.

3. Master Master X

NCsoft can say the game is extremely firm grasp psychological preferences in terms of game play and character. Therefore, the introduction of Master Master X marks the gathering of an orchestra heroes, the characters in “crisis” extremely familiar to gamers. The player can recognize terror warriors 2 Blade and Soul is Jinseoyeon and Pohwaran to superstars from Aion, and more.

As genres shooter action game, Master X Master will stand with 2 new combat mode “Combat Speed” and “Beating Exciting Feel”. About game content, MXM about the Earth invaded by aliens and struggles to stand up and defend the homeland of mankind.

NCsoft firm has also completed a test game (closed beta) on last October and received great feedback. However, the similarity of genre and content featured on the game and the characters, the gaming community suddenly weigh between MXM with Overwatch, new titles are about to release the potential of Blizzard.

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